Buy now Omnirouter is a smart VPN router, programmed to allow you access your home country website. The concept of the Omnirouter was made by frequent travelers, for travelers that are missing their news and internet on the go.

About Omnirouter

Less than 60 seconds setup

Omnirouter is so easy to use, you need less that a minute for the initial setup.


Small size (5.7 x 5.7 x 2.5cm) and really light (40g/1.41oz), OmniRouter can fit in your pocket.

Immediate access to your TV channels

As soon as you have internet, watch your preferred website, anywhere,anytime on any device.


PC/Mac, IOS,Android, Roku, Oppo, Kaleidescape, Apple TV, Kindle, FireTV, ChromeTV, PS3/4, XBox,... Read More
8 and more Supported Countries
42 and more Compatible Devices, Including Exclusivities
974 Happy Beta Testers
42 and more Compatible Devices, Including Exclusivities


Can be use on the go

If you are close to a Wi-Fi hot spot, connect your Omnirouter to it wirelessly and use a USB plug or a USB battery pack to power it.

Small Size and very light

Our Router is small enough to fit into your pocket (5.7cm x 5.7cm x 2.5cm or 2"1/4 x 2"1/4 x 1"5/8) and only only 40g (1.41oz). Perfect to take it with you on your trip!

Wireless hotspot and two ways client

First connect your computer to the OmniRouter wirelessly, then on the OmniRouter menu, select to connect to the local existing network ( Home , Hotel, Public Wi-Fi) as well wirelessly. No Ethernet hardwired needed.

No Bandwidth restriction or limitation!

Omnirouter does NOT limit the bandwidth or speed. Our Router is independent of any crowded server syndrome.


The server is with you at home or on the move and there is no risk for your data because you don’t need to change your PC settings.


Any new upgrades will reach the OmniRouter directly and just wait for your validation to load. When requested all you need to do is just thick the Upgrade case displayed in the OmniRouter menu. You don’t have to learn how to program the software update.

Powerful And Easy To Use

The Omnirouter was made by frequent travelers, for travelers that are missing their Home TV shows & news on the go. Beside being small and light The Omnirouter has  reduced energy consumption ( it can be used for long hours with just a USB battery).

Once connected it takes less than a minute for the router to be operational. Your country selection and preferences can be set up directly in your Omnirouter menu interface with a tablet, smart phone or a laptop within seconds.

Some other features:

  • Multi-users
  • Beautiful Design
  • Fast Service Intergration
  • Works anywhere in the world
  • Plug'n'Play Solution
  • Super Easy
  • Amazing wifi performance
  • Great Support
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Why choose us?

  • OmniRouter is not limited by the bandwidth speed like a VPN. Any VPN user knows the struggle with the speed quality and rush hours drop offs. You will NOT encounter such problems with OmniRouter.
  • Major problem with so called “ Free or low cost DNS services” is that all your requests are routed into unknown servers and there is a potential high risk that your security might be corrupted. With OmniRouter no such risk, the server is in your hand! No security glitches!

  • With OmniRouter , no need to program or update your IP anymore. OmniRouter is a smart router using our unique technology that guaranties you the use of all your favorite media, HASSLE FREE!

  • Not much to do, except powering the OmniRouter and eventually connect a LAN cable.
  • If needed, you can be completely wireless. OmniRouter has the capacity to be connected on a public Hot Spot and generate his own Wi-Fi broadcast. Basically all you need is a power source for the OmniRouter such a USB port on a laptop or a mini USB battery.

Compatible Hardware

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Our Monthly Fee

4.80 CHF/month Quaterly
  • + Router 99.- CHF
  • Unlimited high speed access
  • Get 20 days FREE (Over a year)
  • No need to update your IP
  • Plug and play
  • 24/7 Support
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4.60 CHF/month Semestrial
  • + Router 99.- CHF
  • Unlimited high speed access
  • Get 1 month FREE (Over a year)
  • No need to update your IP
  • Plug and play
  • 24/7 Support
Buy Now
4.20 CHF/month Annual
  • + Router 99.- CHF
  • Unlimited high speed access
  • Get 2 months FREE (Over a year)
  • No need to update your IP
  • Plug and play
  • 24/7 Support + 1 Month FREE - Priority Support
Our most popular selection. You will get a router, 2 FREE month and 1 month of free priority support  
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7.40 CHF/month Monthly
  • + Router 99.- CHF
  • Unlimited high speed access
  • 30 Days contract minimum
  • No need to update your IP
  • Plug and play
  • 24/7 Support
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What our clients say?

Alan G.
Alan G. /
I was surprised by the look of this little big muscle router. When I receive it, I was quite skeptical but first impression cloud be wrong… I install the router in just 2 minutes that did impressed me, then when I start using my preferred TV channels ( in HD) that left me with no words. Litte box with huge qualities…I love it.
Dougan K.
Dougan K. /
Great device! I have been using it for the last 3 months and I really take it with me everywhere I go. Each time I get a Wi-Fi connection at the hotel or public hotspot I can reach my preferred TV Stations in no time. Amazing little box. Great job guys.
Johnson W.
Johnson W. /
I took my new little friend in a business trip where two other colleagues on mine where participating. In the evening we gathered in my hotel room and I installed the Omnirouter with a Chromecast dongle connected to the hotel TV.Next step I cannot describe the expression on my colleagues faces when I started watch TV with my preferred programs from back home. At first they didn’t understand what to believe. It took them a while to understand how the system was working and how come that they can see those TV channels in that location..In the end they all took the details of my little box and the site address. No comments… I think they were quite amazed and frankly I was too. Great device. I really recommend it.
Linda J.
Linda J. /
I can't believe how easy the setup was. As soon as I received it, I just plugged the power and the WAN cable and I was set in less than a minute! GREAT PRODUCT!!!! Highly recommended from a former VPN customer!!! Thank you!!!!
Lauren V.
Lauren V. /
I really love this thing. It does exactly what I was looking for. Great connection and very easy to set up.It is by far the best purchase I did this year. I really recommend this incredible miniature router.
Nathalie P.
Nathalie P. /
By far the best product I have used up to now. Incredible fast and so easy to set up. I have to say I’m not very good in handling computers, never the less I managed to make it work in just 2 min. A record for me… I love this product.