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Access your favorite channels from anywhere in the world:

Compatible with:

  • Computer: PC – Max – Linux
  • Mobile: IPhone – IPad – Android
  • Set-top box: Apple TV – Chromecast – Roku – WDTV -…
  • TV: Samsung TV – Sony TV – LG TV -…
  • Satellite boxes
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Get access to unrestricted services.

You have already an OmniRouter and you want to reactivate your connection? Don’t miss anymore your media that are usually restricted in certain country (Copyright, Censoring,…).

Our main feature are:

  • No bandwidth restriction – OmniRouter is not a VPN and will let thru any non-media packages on the network.
  • No programming needed – No need to update your IP or set how many devices you need to get connected
  • No country setup – You don’t need to set a specific country contrary to VPN. You can download a series from the US while watching French TV
  • Request your channel – You network or your country is not in our selection? Request it!
  • Secure – Contrary to DNS, nothing is sent to a server. So sensitive information such banking and security can be done on the same device that you use for watching your favorite TV.
  • No Latency – The service is instant
  • Lifetime upgrade – As long your OmniRouter is connected, it will update the latest channels available and his firmware for free
  • Legal – Same status as VPN, as long as you pay for TV license or subscription you are legitimate to see you channels wherever you go!
  • CE and FCC – RoHS Compliant

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